Visit one of the last paradises of the Aegean in the Dodecanese

Lipsi Studios to rent Makronisi
Lipsi Studios to rent Aspronisi
Lipsi Studios to rent Tiganakia
Lipsi Studios to rent Marathi
Lipsi Studios to rent Marathi
Lipsi Studios to rent Marathi
Lipsi Studios to rent Arkioi

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This fun filled day excursion includes stops to the pristine islands of Makronisi, Aspronisi, Tiganakia, Marathi and Arki, with opportunities to swim, get a suntan and relax, while traditional Greek music is played throughout the day for your enjoyment. Refreshments and wine are served two stops before lunch.

The excursion begins with the
First stop at Makronisi - a beautiful island famous for its caves. The boat is stopped for an hour so you can jump off the boat and swim in the clear blue waters, and have lots of chances to take pictures of the beautiful scenery that surrounds you.

Second Stop: Aspronisi--which means "white island"-- is also an hour stop; the boat stops here so that you can swim from the boat over to this gorgeous white islands beach..all made up of these gorgeous white rocks, and plenty of time for picture taking. Third Stop: Tiganakia-- these turquoise blue waters are absolutely breathtaking! You will also stay for an hour and experience beautiful swimming and suntanning!

Fourth Stop -Marathi--this island consists of only three families, and three restaurants owned by each family. The boat will dock for 2 hours. You have the opportunity to eat a delicious lunch on this gorgeous secluded island. There is also a beautiful beach below the restaurants that you can relax on after you have eaten.

Fifth and last Stop: Arki--this traditional Greek island has only 50 people living on it. It is great for exploring and picture taking and also consists of a great cafe that makes the most delicious coffee drinks (hot or cold) and has a beautiful shop selling authentic scarves, jewelery, dresses, hats, souvenirs, all high quality & unique. After that, you will head back to Lipsi.

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