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Rhodes Island Holiday & Accommodation
Information on Rhodes holidays - Greece


Rhodos island: Rhodes information - Rhodos holidays - Dodecanese, GreeceRhodes is one of the most popular islands in Greece with more days of sunshine and the longest summer of any Greek island. Home to one of the seven wonders of the ancient world as well as the crusading Knights of St John, Rhodes (Rodos) island today is really all about highly development mass tourism - up to 100,000 tourists a day can testify to that.
To accommodate so many people, Rhodes (Rhodes) island boasts of sandy beaches, a wonderful medieval town, great nightlife and plenty of archaeological sites as well as beaches packed with beautiful women (and men). Like Corfu, Rhodes (Rhodes) is a tourist haven, but secluded and unspoilt spots can still be found since the majority of the island is agricultural with great beaches as well as mountains. However, the island is large enough that you will need a car if you want to discover them.Rhodos island: Rhodes information - Rhodos holidays - Dodecanese, Greece
No trip to Rhodes (Rhodes) is complete without a visit to the Valley of the butterflies which is very impressive.

Rhodos island: Rhodes information - Rhodos holidays - Dodecanese, Greece
About Rhodes island!
Rhodos island: Rhodes information - Rhodos holidays - Dodecanese, GreeceThe island of Rhodes (Rhodes) is the third biggest in size Greek island and at the same time the biggest and the capital of all the Dodecanese islands complex. With a population of about 98.000 inhabitants, it is not an ordinary holiday resort but a cosmopolitan place of international reputation endowed with innumerable natural beauties and rightly considered a tourist's paradise. Its innumerable charms and beauties attract high level of tourists every year (more than 1,250,000). Rhodes offers nice sandy beaches, picturesque villages and lots of other attractions. Rhodes (Rhodes) island lies on the SE section of the Aegean sea, at a distance of about 13 kms from the Asia Minor coastline. The island is mainly Rhodos island: Rhodes information - Rhodos holidays - Dodecanese, Greecemountainous with intense vegetation and valleys. The island of Rhodes has a very rich and varied architecture composed by various architectural styles, blended together in complete harmony. Medieval, Venetian, Byzantine, Turkish and traditional architecture form uniqueness. Its superb capital lies outside and within the walls of a very well preserved Venetian castle, built by the Knights of Saint John, which is one of the finest examples of medieval architecture; it is a splendid medieval city, the largest inhabited medieval town in Europe, and its fortifications are considered as the finest example of medieval architecture.
Rhodos island: Rhodes information - Rhodos holidays - Dodecanese, GreeceThe beauty of its capital, its many interesting sites and its Byzantine churches, along with its natural beauties make Rhodes one of the most popular islands of Greece. The island is divided into ten municipalities: the Municipality of Rhodes (the capital) and the municipalities of Ialysos, Petaloudes, Kamiros, Kalithea, Attavyros, Afandou, Archangelos, Southern Rhodes and Lindos. The western coast of Rhodes island is more fertile and forested than the eastern one but also has rocky beaches. The inland of Rhodes is hilly and wooded, offering a lush and flowered landscape. On Rhodes island one can find from picturesque villages and places to relax, to towns and touristy restorts with lots of night life.
Rhodes History
Rhodos island: Rhodes information - Rhodos holidays - Dodecanese, GreeceStrategically placed, the island has had a tumultous past linked to the sea. Rhodes was inhabited alredy in prehistoric times. The island gradually expanded its influence and became the main commercial link in the Mediterranean. In 408 BC the island's three important Doric cities Ialissos, Lindos and Kamiros united to found the city of Rhodes on the island's northeastern edge. This marked a new era in the history of the island. The Sun-worshipping city of Rhodes (Rhodes) became an important political, commercial and religious centre. Its golden era lasted from the 5th to the 3rd century BC. It was during this period that the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, was constructed and straddled the harbour. This impressive giant statue was demolished during an earthquake. During 150 years the island flourished and showed its great navigation and maritime skills, establishing one of the best reputations in these domains. Rhodes extended its rule, minted its own coin, introduced the first maritime law rules, advanced the arts, theatre and sports. Its School of Rhetoric became famous and attracted many well-known Romans and Greeks. In the 2nd century BC Rhodes became an ally of Rome; this led to a gradual weakening of the island, which from the 4th century AD became a Roman prefecture. St. Paul visited the island and recruited the first Christians in 57 AD; as in 395 AD the Roman Empire split, Rhodes and the other islands of the "Provincia insularum" were included in the Byzantine Empire. New seafarers attacked and often looted the city in the following centuries. The Knights of the Order of St. John were estab-lished in Rhodes in 1309 AD. Their stay has endowed the city with a series of majestic buildings protected by a fortified wall. From 1522 onwards the Dodecanese islands form part of the Ottoman Empire until 1912 AD, when they fell under Italian rule. The Treaty of Paris ended foreign occupation, and in March 1948 the islands were united with Greece.
Rhodes Beaches
In the town of Rhodes there is a large beach. On the beautiful creeks of Faliraki there are sandy beaches. In Lindos and on the beautiful creek of Vliha. On the southern parts of the island, on Pefkoi, Kalathos, Xaraki.
Right after the castle, on the sandy beach of Aghia Agathi. On the beaches of Stegna, Tsambika, Ialissos, Afantou and Prasonissi.
Rhodes island useful information
Area code: +30 22410
Hospital: 22222/25555
Harbourmaster: 28888, 22220
Police: 27653/23294
Olympic Airways: 24571-5
Rhodes Airport: 92893
Tourist Police: 27423
Municipality: 46200
Rhodes Sailing/Yachting information
Moor your boat at the marinas in the ports of Rhodes and Lindos.
Fuel and water refuelling stations are readily available throughout the island.
Remember to take on fuel and water in Rhodes if you go to some of the nearby smaller islands that have none.
  • Old medieval town
  • Mosque of Suleiman
  • The Castellania
  • St. Catherine's hospital
  • The admiralty palace
  • Folk Dance Theatre
  • The New Market
  • The archbishop's Palace
  • The Evangelismos Church
  • Town Hall
  • Theatre and Government House
  • Murad Reis Mosque
  • nstitute of Marine Biology
  • The Acropolis of Ancient Rhodes
  • The Ancient Cemetery of Agios Ioannis (Saint John)
  • The Archaeological site of Ancient Kameiros
  • The Archaeological site and the Acropolis at Lindos
  • The site of Ancient Ialysos
Rhodes Excursions
Helios.gr on Internet
Rhodes Festivals/Feasts
Helios.gr on Internet

The building of the Hydrobiological Station of Rhodes was built during the period 1934-36. In 1937, under Italian rule, it operated as the Reale Istituto di Ricerce Biologiche di Rodi, until 1945, when, after the union of the Dodecanese with Greece, it was renamed "Hellenic Hydrobiological Institute" and operated under the supervision of the Academy of Athens.

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Lindos Rhodes

With a maze of narrow cobbled streets and white washed houses that seemingly cling to the hillside thats topped with an Acropolis, Lindos is one of the most visited and photographed areas on the island. A preservation order ensures that the village is not subject to change, and the narrow streets ensure that the only traffic youll see is the donkey!!

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::: How to get to Rhodes island information

Airplane schedules:
There are five to six daily flight to Rhodes island from Athens in the summer and three in the winter.
Flight time from Athens is approximately 1 hour.
Flights leave from Athen's Eleftherios Venizelos Airport.
Rhodes is also linked by air to Iraklion, Thessaloniki, Karpathos, Kassos, Kos, Kastelorizo, Mykonos, and Santorini.

For more information and up-to-date timetables contact on Rhodes:
Olympic Airways
+30 210 966-6666

Aegean Airlines
+30 8011120000

::: Ferry Boat and hydrofoil information for Rhodes:

There are 1 to 3 weekly scheduled departures from Piraeus to Rhodes island in the summer and 8 in the winter.
Travel time from Piraeus is approximately 18 hours but now there are fast ships that have diminished the travel time to appx. 10 hrs.

More information and scedules on Rhodes ferry boats and hydrofoils:
Greek Travel Pages
Piraeus Port Authority
Tel: +30 210 4226000

Rhodes Port Authority
Tel: +30 22410 28888/22410 22220

::: Ferry boat connections from Rhodes to other islands:

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Cyclades Islands: Amorgos, Milos, Mykonos, Naxos, Paros, Santorini, Syros
Other Ports: Alexandroupolis (Northern Greece), Chios (North Aegean island), Crete,Lesvos (North Aegean island), Limnos, Samos (North Aegean island)

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